Advanced Acting


Dr. Amy Seham
Spring 2002 W. 4:30-6:30 and individual coaching sessions
Office: FAC 221, ext. 7460
Office Hours: Tues and Wed 1:30-2:30 or by appointment.

Throughout the next semester, our class will work individually and collectively to prepare four to five PROFESSIONAL AUDITION-WORTHY monologues using a variety of styles and techniques. You are responsible to select, memorize and rehearse these monologues. I will schedule one-on-one coaching sessions for each monologue, and there will be periodic performance/critique sessions with the entire class.

Choose monologues appropriate to your age. Selections should include:

CLASSICAL DRAMATIC/VERSE –Shakespeare or Marlowe or similar

CLASSICAL COMIC/VERSE—Shakespeare or Molière or Restoration Comedy

CONTEMPORARY DRAMATIC—think about roles for which you would be “castable”


WILD CARD – A role for which you might never be cast, but always wanted to try. Take a risk!

One of the above needs to be a monologue that incorporates full-body MOVEMENT in a significant way. Monologues should provide a good spectrum of “types” and styles, and should enable you to present “two contrasting pieces” when required.

1. Assignments presented on schedule, fully memorized, thoroughly rehearsed.
2. Character analyses: thoroughness, insight, imagination, historical research.
3. Final recital: quality of final work – believability, theatricality, range, inspiration.

SCHEDULE: We will meet as a group for discussion at least once a month. Other working sessions will be scheduled with the professor at the rate of two working hours per monologue. It is critical that your come to each of these meetings fully prepared for the session. You will be allowed (only) one “make-up” session during the semester without penalty. Dates below indicate the correct week – but exact times are to be arranged. Turn in a copy of each monologue with your analysis.

FINAL PERFORMANCE – We will present a performance-ready cabaret of selected monologues during exam week. Performance will take place at the Theatre House.

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