About RCR

River City Rhythm ties for 6th Place in the WGI Percussion Independent A Championships in Dayton, OH on April 16th. Michael Reed of WGI summed up RCR's performance in his review of the PIA Finals:

"River City Rhythm (MN) (T-6th- 87.50) showed how much can happen in a short time with " In Five Minutes". The numeral '5' was a consistent visual motif, appearing on the floor and on the unit's costumes. Narration provided interesting facts about our nation and world such as the number of emails sent globally every five minutes, or the amount the U.S. national debt will increase. While change is constant, one thing that remained unchanged was the high performance level of the group throughout the entire show."

RCR is a tax-exempt non-profit, youth-oriented competitive drumline whose active season is during the same season as school winter activities. Though RCR does participate in competition, the goal, first and foremost, is that the students are enjoying what they are doing, and that they are growing as musicians and performers.

RCR is the first actual drum corp that I have been apart of. This was a very special group to me. It got me very used to the fact that I have the potential to join another drum corp and that is my goal. Being in RCR in it's first ever season running, and then coming out of it winning 6th in the world is a big deal. We accomplished a lot and I couldn't have asked for a better group. My twin sister Anna got me started in Drumline and I hope that again someday me and her can be on the same line again.