Photos from the Bibb County Glades preserve in northwest Alabama,
maintainted by The Nature Conservancy. May 2003

This preserve contains examples of Ketona Dolomite Glades (1. link to a "Lost World" in Alabama;
2. more detailed link), a type of ecosystem found only in Bibb County, Alabama.

I'm not familiar with all of the plants of this region (this is my first year in Alabama), so assistance with identifications will be appreciated. Please send information and comments to

Further additions of photos are planned as the spring and summer progress.

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Overall views of one of the glades

glade &
Little Cahaba River

Castilleja kraliana
Cahaba Paintbrush
Endemic to a few
glades near the
Little Cahaba River

Clematis (...)
Leather Flower

Little Cahaba

Key to photos below: 1a - glade cress (Leavenworthia alabamensis); 1b - (Allium sp.); 1c bee balm ( ); 1d (Chrysopsis sp.)

2a - ?; 2b - ?; 2c - buckeye ( ); 2d ( ) ? composite; 2e - legume ( ) ?

3a & 3b - ( ) ? legume; 3c - moss on log; 3d - moss on rock; 3e - ( ) ? in moss on rock

4a - (Polypodium polypodioides - an epiphytic fern); 4b (Spigelia gentianioides var. alabamensis - endemic to the glades); 4c & 4d ( ); 4e - (Coreopsis sp.); 4f - ( ) ?

5a - (Yucca sp.); 5b - Palmetto & Yucca; 5c - horsetails & bamboo
Mohr's Barbara's-Buttons (Marshallia mohrii), listed as a Federal Threatened species), grows in abundance in the glades and adjacent areas.

a b c d e f

further photos and identifications to be added soon

Photos from July 26, 2003,
including views of a new, large glade area
adjacent to the area where the earlier photos
were taken

The links below are hastily added temporary
links for facilitation of inspection by
Mr. James O. Eckberg. I'll add thumbnails later, when I have more time. Others are, of course, welcome to use the links.

new glade photo 1
new glade photo 2
new glade photo 3
new glade photo 4
new glade photo 5
new glade photo 6
Blazing Star
Blazing Star with butterfly
Blazing Star close-up
Spigelia photo 1
Spigelia photo 2
Rosinweed close-up

larger photos