Chapter 12: Cell Cultures - Endnotes

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  3. One of the continuing differences between microbiologists and microscopists is the lack of a coverslip when viewing bacteria. Convenience causes microbiologists to skip the process of placing mounting media and a coverslip on their slides. This causes microscopists to cringe at the thought!

  4. If the cultures are to remain aseptic, the cuvettes can be sterilized and plugged. Alternatively, culture flasks with cuvette side arms can be used.

  5. Absorbance may be read directly if the spectrophotometer is equipped with digital display. Absorbance is more difficult to interpret on an analog display.

  6. It is assumed that the media has been pre-mixed, with serum and other additives put into the media. The media should be in small aseptic containers for student use.

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