Chapter 14: Nucleic Acids - Endnotes

  1. Modification of technique of Marmur (1961) as given in Biochemical Methods in Cell Culture and Virology by Robert J. Kuchler. Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross, Inc., Stroudsburg, 1977.

  2. A scanning spectrophotometer may be used, if available.

  3. The mathematics for this correction can be found in C. Mandel, M., and J. Marmur. 1968. "Use of ultraviolet absorbance temperature profile for determining the guanine plus cytosine content of DNA." In Methods in Enzymology, Vol. SII (L. Grossman and K. Moldave, eds.), pp. 195-206. Academic Press, Inc., New York.

  4. Kirby and Parish, Biochem J 96,266. 1965.

  5. Directions for for use of a Beckman SW27 rotor with a capacity of 34 ml. Volumes must be adjusted according to the capacity of the rotor employed.

  6. The Cell Nucleus (H.Busch, ed.), pp 152-208. Academic Press, Inc. New York.

  7. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the simplest is to use a descending strip of paper in a chromatography tank. This can be constructed from readily available pyrex houseware, glass rods and a bell jar, or by using commercial units. Alternatively, a simple ascending system can be made from large testtubes.

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