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Molecule of the Month at RCSB Index
Translation Initiation
Kozak review ('02) on scanning in translation initiation (34 pages)
Translation initiation by surface plasmon resonance ('02) (8 pages)
PNAS review ('01) on mechanism of translation initiation (8 pages)
Dever review ('99) - Adept at adapting (6 pages)
Hentze review ('99) - From Factors to Mechanism (7 pages)
Sachs review ('00)- Nature Structure Biology
Annual Reviews ('99) by Sonenberg on eIF4 (51 pages)
Review of regulation of translation initiation ('01) by Sonenberg (20 pages)
Names of Interesting Structures at RCSB
eIF4E and 7mG cap (1L8B (NMR), 1EJ1, 1AP8)
eIF4E, 7mG cap and eIFG (1EJH)
Iron regulatory system and post-transcriptional regulation
Hentze and Kuhn ('96) PNAS review
Theil and Eisenstein ('00) J. Biol. Chem. review
Eisenstein ('00) Ann. Rev. Nutr. review
Names of Interesting Structures at RCSB
Iron response element (1AQO, 1NBR)
Aconitase with 3Fe-4S (5ACN) or with 4Fe-4S (6ACN) and related paper
Principles of protein translocation across membranes
Review by Schatz and Dobberstein (1996) Science
ER protein translocalization and dislocation
Review by Kalies and Hartman(1998) European Journal of Biochemistry
Translocon Review by Johnson and van Waes (1999) Ann. Rev. Cell Dev. Biol.
Dislocation review by Jarosch et al. (2002) Traffic
Mitochondria protein import
Review by Rassow and Pfanner (2000) Traffic
Paper by Dahlseid et al. involving examples of experimental approaches
Nuclear protein localization
General reviewby Lamond and Sleeman (2003) in Current Biology - excellent source for general information on the structure and activities of the nucleus
Review by Bednenko et al. (2003) in Traffic
Review by Weis(2002) in Current Opinion in Cell Biology
Examples drawn from Shirley et al. (1998) J. Cell Sci.
Protein-Protein Interactions
Review by Archakov et al. (2003) Proteomics
Harris and Lim (2001) Journal of Cell Science
Bezprozvanny and Maximov (2001) FEBS Letters
Prion Proteins
Clarke at al. (2001) Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B
Prusiner (1998) PNAS
Dormont (2002) FEBS Letters
Influenza ion channel paper
Paper by Tang et al. (2002) Journal of Biological Chemistry
Ubiquitin and related protein modification
Review by Schwartz and Hochstrasser (2003) TIBS