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Opus 57

   Quartet for woodwinds

         unpublished (as of September 2005)

             flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon

             4 movements:





                      Composed: November 1971

                      Dedicated to Mark Bangert

     “written for Richard Butts and his friends Harold Ashenfelter, Gilbert Byerman and Robert Gray.”

                                               --autograph score

     First performance: May 14, 1972 in Krieg Hall, Wittenberg University


Opus 58

   A Cantata for Baptism

         Chantry, 1973. COC 735

             choir SATB, T (or S) solo, solo instr, keyboard

             9 movements (2 are repeats)

                      Composed: March 1972

                      Dedicated to the Donald Rotermund family


                  Ritornel (instrument and organ)

                  Stanza 1 "Liebster Jesu" (choir)

                  Solo (Mark 10:14)

                  Stanza 2 "Liebster Jesu" (choir)

                  Ritornel (instrument and organ)

                  Stanza 3 "Liebster Jesu" (same as stanza 1)

                  Solo (Mark 10:14-15)

                  Stanza 4 "Liebster Jesu" (same as stanza 2)

                  Ritornel (instrument and organ)

                  Stanza 5 "Liebster Jesu" (choir, solo, instrument, organ)


Opus 58a

   Two Solos for Baptism

         Chantry, VOS 736

             T (or S) solo, solo instr, keyboard

                      (from Opus 58)


Opus 59

   Improvisation for Beginners

         Concordia, 1975. 75-2934

             A Book of Self-Instruction for Church Musicians

                      Written in 1973

    Prof. Bender made a set of tape recordings to accompany this text, but the tapes were never published.


Opus 60

   Five New Hymns

         Valparaiso University Church Music Seminar, 1974.

                      Texts by Herbert Brokering

                      Composed: 1974

                      Commissioned by the Valparaiso University Church Music Seminar 1974.


                  Father, Saviour, Spirit (No. 1)

                      voice, organ

                      Tune and setting by Jan Bender

                  I Think of Jesus (No. 2)

                      voice, organ

                      Tune, setting and descant by Jan Bender

                  Rise Up, My Heart (No. 3)

                      choir SATB, cong., organ

                      Tune by Werner Gneist (copyright by Bärenreiter)

                  He Comes to the People (No. 4)

                      voice, organ

                      Tune and setting by Jan Bender


                  New Woman and New Man (No. 5)

                      choir SATB, cong., organ

                      Tune and setting by Jan Bender

                      refrain is SATB

Opus 60a

    Two Hymn Settings

         unpublished (as of September 2005)


                  Sing out, use your voice (1)

                      Text by Thomas Belt

                  Give us, O God, the grace (2)

                      Text by Roger Kronman


Opus 61 - Music for Handbells

Opus 61 No. 1

   Prelude, 10 Christmas Chorales and Postlude

         Concordia, 1977. 97-5401 (parts 97-5402; choir 982319)

             unison choir and 2 oct. handbells

                      Dedicated to Rev. Larry and Gundula Houff



                  Wachet auf

                  Macht hoch die Tür (Halle)

                  Es ist ein Ros

                  Gelobet seist du, Jesu

                  In dulci jubilo

                  Ich steh' an deiner Krippen hier

                  Vom Himmel hoch

                  Wie soll ich dich

                  Fröhlich soll mein Herze

                  Wie schön leuchtet



Opus 61 No. 2

   Prelude, 10 Chorale Settings and Postlude

         Concordia, 1976. 97-5387 (parts 97-5388; choir 982308)

             unison choir and 2 oct. handbells

                      Dedicated to Karen Buck



                  Auf, auf, mein Herz

                  Christ ist erstanden


                  Orientis partibus

                  Es ist genug

                  Ach bleib bei uns

                  Gelobt sei Gott

                  Easter Hymn

                  Jesus, meine Zuversicht

                  Laßt uns erfreuen


                      “Opus 61 / Glockengebimmle”

                                    --Title on Folder in Archives


Opus 62


         manuscript lost (last known in possession of Otto Brodde in Hamburg)

                      (10 minutes long, to be sung in church service. Written for Otto Brodde in October, 1975.)


Opus 63 - Works for Organ

Opus 63 No. 1

    America (Prelude and Fugue in C)

         unpublished (as of September 2005)


             programmatic, with 12-tone fugue subject

             2 movements

                      Composed: Prelude is dated Jan. 12, 1976; Fugue is dated Dec. 18. 1975

                      Dedicated to Harald Rummler

     “The Prelude depicts the majesty and the beauty of the land. In the middle sections horse riders can be heard. Do they explore the land, do they conquer it? The fanfares in Mrs. 20 and 25 almost let us guess the warfare. Or is it merely the pony express?

     The first theme of the fugue reveals the frayed fabric of the american nation. Great tensions everywhere, but the second theme with its energy and wide range overwhelmes more and more the power of evil. From mr. 51 on to 90 the struggle goes on until from 91 to the end the second theme has gained the victory, rising like a beaming sun sending its rays over all the land and its inhabitants. In God we trust forever.                       J.B.”

                                                            --typed preface pasted on title page of autograph score


Opus 63 No. 2

   Prelude, Aria and Jig-Fugue in C

         Music for a Sunday Morning #7

         Concordia, 1978. 97-5436


             Tune: O wie selig seid ihr doch (in the Aria)

             3 movements

                      Dedicated to Holy Shepherd Luth. Church, West Columbia, SC


Opus 63 No. 3

   Prelude, Voluntary and Recessional

         The Master Organ Works of Jan Bender, vol. 5, ed. David Fienen. Concordia 2005. 97-7102


             Tune: Carn Brea (in the Voluntary)

             3 movements

                      Composed: November 1982

                      Dedicated to Prof. Horace Fishback III

     “Organ sonata for Arlene Hilding” --folder in archives

     Arlene Hilding has a copy of an early manuscript version of this work that reveals many interesting details. This is a rare example of an extant earlier version of any of Bender’s compositions, since he seems to have regularly destroyed his working copies once he had made a fair copy and/or once the composition had been published.