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Opus 96


    Choral Settings of Hymns vol. 4


         Augsburg, 1986. 11-5423


             choir (each hymn includes one SATB setting and one SA setting, all with keyboard except as otherwise indicated)

             24 settings with English texts



                  All Glory, Laud and Honor (Valet will ich dir geben)

                  All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night (Tallis' Canon)

                  At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing (Sonne der Gerechtigkeit)

                  Jesus, Priceless Treasure (Jesu, meine Freude) (from opus 1, no. 4, rhythm and text underlay slightly altered in SAB version)

                      SATB, SAB

                  Let All Together Praise Our God (Lobt Gott, ihr Christen)

                  Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now (Herr Jesu Christ, dich)

                  My Song Is Love Unknown (Rhosymedre)

                  O Trinity, O Blessed Light (O heilige Dreifaltigkeit)

                  Renew Me, O Eternal Light (Herr Jesu Christ, meins)

                  Savior of the Nations, Come (Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland)

                  Silent Night (Stille Nacht)


                  With High Delight, Let Us Unite (Mit Freuden zart)




Opus 97


    Jesus, Priceless Treasure


         Augsburg, 1987. 11-7110


             Theme and 6 variations for violin and organ (or piano)


                      Dedicated to our dear friend, Mrs. Helga Anton in Kiel


             Tune: Jesu, meine Freude


                      Composed: May 1986




Opus 98


    Gott des Himmels und der Erden


         Augsburg, 1993. 11-10048


             violin and organ (or piano)

             Thema und 7 Variationen

             8 movements


                      Dedicated to my dear sister-in-law, Elisabeth Peters-Haacke


                      Composed July 1986




Opus 99


    Christ lag in Todesbanden


         Augsburg, 1991. 11-8762


             violin and organ

             theme and 5 variations


                      Commissioned by Mr. Jagan Nath Singh Khalsa (Webster Groves, MO)


                      Composed Nov. 1986




Opus 100


    Duo fŸr Violine und Viola


         unpublished (as of September 2005)


             violin and viola unaccompanied

             5 movements:








                      Written for Siegfried and Eva Heinke


                      Composed Sept.-Oct. 1986


           SiegfriedŐs family name was originally Abramcyk. He was a Christian with Jewish ancestors, who was nevertheless a brilliant quartermaster with the Wehrmacht during WWII, and later became Finance-Minister, first in Flensburg, then in Niedersachsen. He and Eva spent much time in Hanerau right after the war, playing often in the 50 Hausmusikabenden of the Hausmusikvereins Hanerau-Hademarschen between Sept. 8, 1946 and May 27, 1949. He played violin, viola, and sang 20 times, she 38 times.

           Eva was the daughter of the Headmaster of the school in Plšn where Charlotte's brother, Mannfred, and sister, Hedi, had attended. Her family disowned her because she married a Jew! She (they) adopted the Hanerauer as a substitute family. Eva's sister, Leo Wienbeck (who married a Nazi judge!), was a study-mate of Jan's at the LŸbeck Conservatory, while Eva herself was a class-mate of Charlotte's brother Mannfred.

          After the war, when the families were waiting for soldiers to return home to Hanerau, the first one to arrive was Siegfried--he had sent Eva on ahead there to wait for him, since she couldn't go to her own home in Plšn.




Opus 101


    VierhŠndig (Sonatine fŸr Klavier in 4 SŠtzen)


         unpublished (as of September 2005)


             piano (4 hands)





                  Scherzo-Vivo and Trio



                      Composed: January 1987


     ŇMeinen lieben SchŸlerinnen Anja Hoffmann und Katrin Stotz zu ihrem C-Organisten ExamenÓ

                                    --autograph score




Opus 102


    Partita on "How Brightly Shines the Morning Star"


         Morning Star, 1987. MSM-10-200


             organ (or piano)

             8 movements

             Tune: Wie schšn leuchtet


                      Composed: February 1987


     ŇDedicated to my friend Rodney Schrank, owner of the newly founded Morningstar Publ. House in St. LouisÓ

                                    --Jan Bender Werkverzeichnis 4




Opus 103


    Triumphant from the Grave


         Concordia, 1988. 98-2836


             motet SATB

             Tune: Triumph (by Bruce Backer)

             4 settings for 6 stanzas


                      Written for Paul Grime

                      [probably] Composed: 1987




Opus 104


    Der Segen des Herrn


         printed (by Constabel, Hademarschen), 1987.


             choir SATB


                      manuscript says: "fŸr unseren lieben, verehrten Herrn Pastor Karl Emil Schade zum 60. Geburtstag am 5. 7. 1987."


    This piece was sung by the choirs for the composerŐs funeral service at St. Severinkirche in Hademarschen on January 4, 1995, conducted by Norbert Klose.




Opus 105


    Spiele, kleine Flšte, spiele


         unpublished (as of September 2005)



             5 movements (Theme, 3 Variations, Finale)


                      Composed: September 1987

                      Manuscript says: ŇKleine Partita Ÿber eine Melodie von Gerhard TrubelÓ


                      manuscript includes registrations




Opus 106


    Kein schšner Land


         unpublished (as of September 2005)



             choir SAT, S(A)TBB and woodwinds

             3 movements


                  Vor- und Nachspiel for fl, ob, clar(in A), fag.

                  Strophe 1 and 3, SAT

                  Strophe 2 and 4, S(A)TBB


                      Composed: November, 1987, for the Flensburger Polizeichor




Opus 107


    Herbei, o ihr GlŠubigen


         unpublished (as of September 2005)


             choir TTBB, solo T and/or B, with keyboard

             5 movements


                      Composed: April, 1988, for the Flensburger Polizeichor


                      Tune: Adeste, fideles




Opus 108


    When in the hour of deepest need


         Concordia, 1990. 98-2889, 98-2932


             chorale concertato

             choir SATB, violin I, II, organ, congregation

             6 movements

             Tune: Wenn wir in hšchsten Nšten sein


                      manuscript dated May 31, 1988.


                      Written for Dr. Carl Schalk at his request




Opus 109


    Jesu, geh voran


         The Master Organ Works of Jan Bender, vol. 3, ed. David Fienen. Concordia 2005. 97-7100.


             organ chorale prelude


                      a manuscript copy says "fŸr unsere liebe Organistin, Frau Thea Kruse."


                      BenderŐs own handwritten Werkverzeichnis says: "Constanze Pfeiffer gewidmet.Ó Composed June 16, 1988.




Opus 110


    [Chorale Preludes]


         unpublished (as of September 2005)



             9 pieces


                      Dedicated to our dear cousin Constanze Pfeifer (who had completed her ŇCÓ organist exam under the composerŐs tutelage)




                  Wir pflŸgen und wir streuen (a)

                  Der Mond ist aufgegangen (b)

                      dated February 8, 1988

                  Wie mit grimm'gen Unverstand (c)

                  Die Sonn' hoch an dem Himmel steht (d)

                  Harre, meine Seele (e)

                      dated February 9, 1988

                  Schšnster Herr Jesu (2 settings) (f, g)

                  Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe (2 settings) (h, i)


                      dated February 10, 1988




Opus 111


    Nun danket alle Gott


         unpublished (as of September 2005)


             Partita for 2 trpts and organ (or piano)

             6 movements (may include congregational singing using the 6th strophe)


                      Dedicated to Birgit Peters-Hillig


     Score delivered [to Birgit] on December 16, 1988 in Mannhardtstra§e 69.

     ŇUnserer lieben Birgit Peters-Hillig zur Geburt ihres ersten Kindes gewidmet von ÔOnkel Jan.Ő

Komp. im November 1988

geb . am 4. Dezember Ô88Ó


                     --autograph score (in posession of Birgit)

                      Composed: November, 1988


     First performance: March 5, 1989 in Peter-Pauls-Kirche, Hohenwestedt. Anita and Harald Kšnnecke, trpts, Wilfrid Myles, organ.




Opus 112


    Andante und TŠnzchen


         unpublished (as of September 2005)



             2 movements (the Andante is to be repeated without repeats following the TŠnzchen)


     ŇEin Kleine stŸckchen fŸr Aron von Gro§vater zum 28. 2. 89.Ó                            --autograph score


                      Composed: Feb. 1989




Opus 113


    Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God


         unpublished (as of September 2005)


             voice and piano (or organ)

             Words from Psalm 51


                      Dedicated to Mrs. Yasuko (nŽe Sato) Nakayama in Tokyo, Japan


                      Composed: Summer, 1989




Opus 114


    Wenn der Herr die Gefangenen Zions erlšsen wird


         Strube Verlag, MŸnchen, 1989.


             choir SATB and keyboard ad libitum

             Words from Psalm 126 and EKG 236

             Hymn text: Bis hierher hat mich Gott gebracht

             Tune: Du Lebensbrot, Herr Jesu Christ


                      Composed: Summer, 1989

                      Published by the Nordelbischen Kirchenchorverband in 1989 on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the composer.


             6 movements:


                  motet on Psalm 126:1-2

                  chorale str. 1 (alto c.f.)

                  setting of Psalm 126:3

                  chorale str. 2 (same as str. 1 above)

                  motet on Psalm 126:5-6

                  chorale motet on strophe 3



This was Jan BenderŐs final composition





Jan (l.) and Charlotte Bender in their home in Germany (1989)

with their sons Jan Eilhardt and Friedemann