David A. Koppenhaver

Email: dkoppenh@gac.edu (through July 31)
koppenhaverd@appstate.edu (after August 1)
reed_a_booke@yahoo.com (any time)

Snail mail and phone contact:
Dept. of Language, Exceptionalities, and Reading
Appalachian State University
124 Edwin Duncan Hall, Boone, NC, 28608-2085

My webpages will be slowly reorganized and reconstructed this fall.

The Center for Literacy and Disability Studies has been re-established at the University of North Carolina under the guidance of Karen Erickson. 

Waves of Words:  Augmented Communicators Read and Write (Erickson, Koppenhaver, & Yoder, eds.), an international collection of case studies, is available from Augmentative Communication, Inc., 1 Surf Way, #237, Monterey, CA 93940 (Tel. 831-649-3050, Fax 831/646-5428) for $US22 + $US3  shipping.

Finn Jensen, of Denmark, is the talented artist who sketched me during a lecture.  My son Will's comment, "That's when you were skinnier.  Right, Dad?"