MCS-170 Mid-Term Project

Due: Friday, March 24

Project Task

In this project, we will be using all of the programming concepts that we have reviewed so far to create a 3D animation.  There are two possible animations you can create -- either a 3D interactive game, or a 3D greeting card.  In either case, you will use methods and functions, you will create your own class methods with parameters, you will implement event handlers, and you will create your own special classes for characters. Before starting this lab you should jot down a few notes as to what type of world you will create,  including all user interaction.

In lab

  1. Start up Alice and beginning creating your animation.  Your Alice world must contain:

    A.  At least 4 different characters, with each having at least 3 user-created (not built-in) methods.  Your methods must be meaningful (have a purpose) and have meaningful names that correspond to their purpose.

    B.  At least one special user-defined class that you have saved and reused in your scene.  

    C.  At least one user-created world-method

D.  At least three user-created methods that use parameters.

E.  At least three event handlers (e.g. arrow up key, space bar, etc) with their functionality described

F. At least one use of a List and an iteration through a List

G. Movement of the camera in the scene, either by following an object or by changing the point of view of the scene

H. Use of a recursive method or use of posing of objects in the scene

I. Instructions for playing the game (or interacting with the greeting card) must be displayed in the world when it starts up. (The instructions can be hidden once the world starts)
  1. Once you have finished coding your scenario, rigorously test it to make sure that everything looks and works correctly. Make sure you save your Alice world frequently.

Project Demonstration and Report

Assessment of this mid-term project will consist of three components.
1. In-class demo of your project on Friday, March 24.  You should have a short written explanantion of your project which will be handed out to the class before you do your demo. 
2. Written project report which should include a brief introduction that describes the purpose of the project, a main section which should include a sketch of the starting scene for your project and a complete storyboard (written script) for the project, and finally a concluding sentence or two.
3. Alice world.  This should be sent to your lab instructor as an attachment.

You will be graded on these three components as follows:
1. 15% In-class demo (You will be graded on the clarity of your presentation: speaking clearly, clarity of class handout, having your thoughts in order before the demo, etc. )
2. 20% Written Report
2. 65% Alice world.

Make sure that you consider the College's Honor Policy and write the following in full and sign it on your report:

On my honor, I pledge that I have not given, received, nor tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid in completing this work.

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