MCS-170 Project 3: Alice Storyboard

Due: Friday, March 3

Project Task

In the classroom we have explored the Alice 3D graphics programming environment. In the homework for this lab you have created a storyboard with characters and actions.  Now that you have a good idea of how Alice works and how to compose a storyboard, it is time to turn your idea into a working program. We will be using the storyboard as an instruction manual to help us program in Alice. By the end of today you will be able to write rudimentary code, debug the code, and watch the end result.

In lab

  1. Start up Alice and select a template world that matches your storyboard. 

  2. Add all of the objects from your storyboard to your Alice world, in the correct positions that match the initial state of your storyboard. Remember: Your scenario must contain:

    A. At least 2 different characters.

    B. Scenery (nothing extravagant as we will be focussing more on the moving characters than on background details). This should include at least three different objects.

    C. At least 8 steps (actions or methods). These must include at least one use of the "Do together" command and at least one use of the "Do in order" command.

  3. Add the actions (methods) that each character carries out as the story progresses from one scene to another scene.  For example, the storyboard illustrated at the start of this lab by your lab instructor includes 5 scenes organized as follows: 

Note that the first four steps are separate scenes, and the the last three steps are done in one scene.
  1. Continue implementing the steps outlined on your storyboard as you program. Your storyboard should be detailed enough to coincide line by line with commands in Alice. You may want to run the program ("Play" the scene) after completing each line of code (or every few lines of code) to see if what you have coded is the same as what you wanted your character(s) to do.
  2. Once you have finished coding your scenario, run it one last time and check to see that everything looks and works correctly. If you do not notice anything out of place, exit the viewer and save your program in your home MCS170 directory.

  3. Extra Credit: Using the "loop" construct, design a scene where a fish circles around an island 3 times and then dives into the water and back to the surface.

Project Report

You report should include a brief introduction which describes the purpose of the project, a main section which should describe briefly the scenario you are programming and include the original storyboard (and also a written script like the one shown above) for the project, and finally a concluding sentence or two. Additionally, you should email your Alice world to as an attachment.
Make sure that you consider the College's Honor Policy and write the following in full and sign it on your report:

On my honor, I pledge that I have not given, received, nor tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid in completing this work.

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