Geometry Explorer Examples and Projects

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Here are a few samples of the many kinds of activities that are possible using Geometry Explorer.  These samples are of two types: Projects-- laboratory explorations of the type that one might use in a classroom setting, and "Live" Examples -- examples illustrating some geometric idea.  The projects listed below are static in that they only use images copied from Geometry Explorer sessions.  Examples on the other hand can be manipulated right on the web page itself.  Note: It may take awhile to download the necessary Java applet the first time that you access an example. However, after that all other examples should load quite speedily.  Have Fun!

Euclidean Geometry
    - Fun With Triangles(project)
    - The Ratio Made of Gold(project)
    - Powerful Circles(example)
    - To Infinity and Beyond: Circle Inversion(example)
    - Euclidean Eggs: Over Easy(project)
    - Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' (Cycloids)

Transformational Geometry
    - Through the Looking Glass: Reflection and Rotation
    - The Chaos Game
    - Affine Ferns

Hyperbolic (Poincare Model) Geometry
    -  Playing in a Curvy World(example)
    -  Defective Triangles
    -  Exercise Those Quads, Saccheri

Fractal Geometry
    -  Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
    - The Chaos Game
    -  Cobwebs in Functions

Turtle Geometry
    -  Turtles in Grammar School
    -  Turtles and the Geometry of Plants(project)

Analytic Geometry
   - New Functions From Old(project)
    - Special Effects of the Parabola(project)
    - Hitting the Slopes(project)
    - Cobwebs in Functions
    - Kissing Circles(example)
    - Square Wheels Keep on Turning