Philosophical problems arise when language goes on holiday --LW

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About Us

Philosophers on Holiday is a quarterly 'zine launched in the summer of 1997 as the "hippest, nowest, coolest thing in the philosophical travel-and-leisure genre." After the free inaugural issue, people actually subscribed. This just encouraged us to do more, and so we offer selected articles from our print edition here in cyberspace, filling yet another void in the field of philosophical travel and leisure.

About the motto:

We borrow our motto from Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations. Wittgenstein suggests that philosophical problems emerge when we forget how words function in ordinary circumstances. When language "goes on holiday," we create our own thorny, knotty problems--and then we proceed to chew on them for a thousand years or so.

Our 'zine was born out of our recognition that when philosophers go on holiday, we also tend to thrum up thorny little problems that keep us worrying all the way across Montana. Philosophers, unleashed in the ordinary world, are dangerous--or, at the very least, highly amusing. Of course on a good day, we can also be rather insightful. (Paying way too much attention to the ordinary can produce real wisdom every once in awhile.) Philosophers On Holiday attempts to bring all things philosophical and holiday-related together in one place; the danger, the amusement, the bumbling, and, yes, the occasional pearl of wisdom.


Peg O'Connor and Lisa Heldke
Staff Columnist
Abby Wilkerson
Movie Reviewer, Immobile Reporter
Barb Heldke
Phashion Philosopher
Bruce Norelius
Production Assistants
Carol and Richard Heldke
Ann O'Connor

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