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We still have some active contests. If your entry meets our exacting standards for cleverness, we'll publish the result, and send you the coveted PonH dental care kit.
  • Philosopher Laureate (from Vol. V, no. 4) -- To win, suggest events or roles for local philosophers laureate. Win or not, you'll advance the cause! Reader contributions so far: Spring 2003
  • Calendar of the Years Project (from Vol. VI, no. 1) -- How much more exciting each year would be if you knew it was your [insert famous character from history, literature or the arts] year. For adolescents, there’d be the Stephen Daedalus year. The Holden Caulfield year. Adults? TheWilly Loman year. The Mozart year. The Ishmael year.The Sylvia Plath year. You get the idea. Help us create a Calendar of the Years.
  • Coastal Hair Designs (from Vol. IV, no. I) -- Add your own Coastal Hair Designs to our list inspired by a down East beauty parlor.
  • Cheap Ploys (from Vol. II, no. 2) -- What would your favorite philosopher be used to hawk? Recall that with Wittgenstein, it was tweed; with Simone de Beauvoir, it was jeans.
  • Tell us about an odd, inexplicable, or unusual-sounding establishment (a business, a museum, a roadside marker) that you’ve seen when you were too busy rushing from here to there to stop and investigate.  Then construct your own hypothesis about what that establishment is or does--the more byzantine or unlikely the better.

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