Philosophical problems arise when language goes on holiday. --LW

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The "At Home" Issue
Number 24 -- Winter 2005 (and 2006)

 Little John with fish 

Confessions of a Moral Terrorist
In the eyes of many voting Americans, I am a moral terrorist.


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St. Cholestera Redux
Where have we been since the winter of 2005? Well, preparations for our annual celebration of the Patron Saint of Cookies have kept us very busy. We recently discovered her teenage diary.

Tricksey Hobbitses
Corrinne riffs on her Casa Quirky monument to eclecticism in home design in Minnesota.

A Minimal Look at Minimalism
Architect Bruce Norelius bares, well, everything, in this reflection on the all of nothingness.

House Rules
We offer advice for the new homeowner as simple rules, with corollaries; some smirking allowed.

"One is not born, but rather becomes, a homeowner."
Had Simone de Beauvoir purchased a house in the suburbs...she might never have inspired the second wave of the womenís movement.

The Dangers of Mapquest
Beware the MapQuest Paradox and other pitfalls when leaving home.

Nook Cookery
I love cooking with extreme limitations for some of the same reasons I loved sixteenth century contrapuntal music.

Actually Making Whoopie (Pies)
Transplanted New Englanders provide the scoop on whoopie pies, and toss in a family recipe.
In the print edition:

The House that Liz Built
Lisa was in the fifth grade when she wrote this description of a household that is simpler to operate.

This House is Your House
A housewarming folk song.

The Hometown Tourist Stays Home
Adjusting to a new hip at age 80.

Household Icons
It only stands to reason that a medieval hobbit house would have its own icons.

Life at the Dinner Table
The three under-ten children of our Staff Vumman answer the question, "What is life?"

Barb's Briefs
Nights of Cabiria

The Five Senses of Home Ownership
Advice on reacting to particular sensory inputs inside your home.

A Tree Falls
Landis Green recounts his dead-tree mind-game experience.

Governing principles for her yard work have troubled Lisa for eight years.

For a significant part of your day, your fate is in the hands of others -- musings of T. Michael McNulty, SJ, on the Washington, D.C. Metrorail.

Vumman on the Road
Staff Vumman Brita DeRemee reports on the hilarious consequences that ensued when her family attempted to MapQuest themselves to lunch on the road.

e-pistle: Fort of July
Stumbling over a booted left leg on the Saratoga Battlefield (and other patriotic road trip serendipity).

A Winter's Tale, or The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Philosophers in Mud
Plus the Benedictine monks, AAA, and others.

The Rules of Cookery
If you are absolutely following the rules, then you are not really cooking.

I Would Like My Muffin Medium Rare, Please
A call to arms against a baked-goods menace.

Little Ludwig sans shirt

The Purple Map
Iíve been obsessing over the string of ever-more-nuanced maps charting the 2004 U.S. presidential election ...


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