Prof. Carlin
Associate Professor Carlin

Molecular Ecology, Aquatic Conservation, and Systematics

Chair of Biology Department, 2016-19; Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Telephone (507) 933-6305, E-mail:

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Originally from a small Indiana farm, I earned degrees in marine biology, zoology, and fisheries science. I worked as a marine biologist, but re-discovered my passion for teaching. At Gustavus, I teach introductory courses for majors and non-majors, an intensive writing course, and advanced courses in limnology and evolution. Outside of Minnesota, I have taught undergraduates in China, Mexico, Ecuador, and Malaysia. These and other experiences led me to bring a global viewpoint to both school children and senior adults. I have lectured extensively on a wide array of topics from piracy and food politics, to human attraction and the development of rap and hiphop cultures.

I conduct research on how the place you live influences inheritance. Specifically, I compare genetic health from aquatic animal populations, such as those from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I am an active participant with the American Fisheries Society, National Association of Biology Teachers, the National Science Foundation and the North Pacific Research Board. My work with so many great professionals over the years have inspired me to help high school and undergraduate students find the internship, college, or job that will help them fully participate in our endangered, beautiful, and interdependent world.

Conducting research aboard a NOAA ship in the Gulf of Mexico