These webpages resulted from an environmental education writing assignment in the writing-in-the-discipline class Bio 245 Conservation Biology. We hope that you enjoy our site. If you have any comments or questions for individual student authors, please email the course instructor, Dr. Joel Carlin, at jcarlin@gustavus.edu. Other ways in which we have participated in Gustavus' Year of Mexico is with topical readings and lecture topics.

Please note that these webpages are directly copied from student assignments meaning that there may be slight variations in format, quality and accuracy.

The Assignment that Created this Website

Type of Writing: Educational pamphlet. You must both inform and impress.

Assignment: Given ten minutes, what can you teach people about conservation biology and the Mexico?

To do this, collect facts that represent the breadth of knowledge about your topic. For organisms and ecoregions, examine the evolutionary/geologic history, habitat, ecology, evolution, and human interactions. For environmental issues, examine economic worth, technologies involved, global trade (in volume and dollars), economic motivators (these may be traditional, religious, or political in nature).

Audience: 10th grade education. This means you can use terms like niche or species turnover, but must define them. You must use both English and metric units.

Due: First draft is due on paper at the start of class on 17 October. LATE ASSIGNMENTS = 10% for first hour late, an additional 10% off for each additional hour. Final draft has a modified format, and is due October 22.

Length: No more than 350 words + a separate page of literature cited + one graphic image that prints well in black-and-white. The image must have a citation. FYI, this page contains 269 words.

Sources: At least 5 sources, including 2 or more peer-reviewed publications. Your textbook is an acceptable source. No internet sites without instructor approval.

Format: First draft is 1 ˝ spaced, 11pt Arial font, 1" margins on all four sides of paper, printed double-sided, stapled with name at top. Title must be 5 words or less. Complete sentences are not necessary, so use bullet points or graphs wisely. You must use in-text citations as appropriate. Formats follow "Joel’s writing guidelines" (on Moodle) with in-text citations and literature cited following style of Conservation Biology.

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This page was created from an environmental education writing project generated in the Fall 2009 Bio245 Conservation Biology class. Content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Gustavus Adolphus College.