Composter and Greenhouse Design Resources

Table of Contents

Project history

BioCycle magazine articles

Greenhouse and greenhouse heating articles

Conversion of waste to heat for greenhouses and other uses

Integrated biological systems

Project history:

Environmental Studies 2009 Senior Seminar project report

Instructor comments on report

Summary of composting information for Kitchen Cabinet meeting

(includes Spring 2011 Student Senate resolution)

Environmental Studies 2011 Senior Seminar project report

(includes in-vessel composter recommendation)

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BioCycle magazine articles:

A three-article series on college composting operations

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

A review of in-vessel composting systems

A short article about a composter installed by Colorado State University

A good candidate for us

An article on the Berea College composting program. 

Note the discussion of dealing with trash in post consumer waste.  This may be an issue for us that may require some work with food service staff and with the student body to resolve.

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Greenhouse and greenhouse heating articles:

Solar greenhouses

Great example of a solar heated hoophouse with in soil storage--in MN

Overview of  solar greenhouse heating from Solar Thermal '11 conference

Lake City, MN solar greenhouse with energy storage and innovative energy transfer technology

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Conversion of waste to heat for greenhouses and other uses

Heating with waste vegetable oil

Greenhouse heating with compost heat

Agrilab document

(describes actual systems and outputs)

Complementary anaerobic digestion and composting

Small anaerobic digester plans

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Integrated biological systems:

(inspiring combinations of waste recycling and food production)

Vertical farm in Chicago

Growing Power of Milwaukee and Chicago has several examples, including greenhouses with solar heat

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