Gustavus Small Wind Turbine Installation

Funded by the National Science Foundation



Skystream 3.7 Turbine

Spec. sheet

Inverter specification

Installation manual

45 foot tall monopole tower

Spec. sheet

Foundation plan and instructions


Today's Alternatives

Southwest Windpower


Link to graph of most recent day's production

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Installation photo journal

Thanks to Bruce Budin and Bob Hahn from Physical Plant for leading a quality installation effort.

Thanks to Ken Kocmik from the City of St. Peter for work on the interconnection.


1 Nov. 2011

Safety first

To build up one must first dig down

Concrete forms

2 Nov. 2011

Forms, turbine mount and reinforcement in place

Pouring the foundation

3 Nov. 2011

First load in

Adding more

Working it in

Level and float

Turbine installation

13 Dec. 2011

Test the tower first

The gin pole for pulling it up

Add the turbine

Now to finish the wiring


24 Jan. 2012

"...while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters." Genesis 1:2

The few, the proud, and cold...

While our backs were turned, the wind came up...