Reflection questions 1


1.  Besides the ones noted in the video, can you recall any sporting events that have been cancelled, postponed or otherwise modified due to extreme heat?


2.  Have you ever had to modify your exercise routine due to extreme weather?


3.  Do you think there is a limit to human adaptation in regard to extreme weather?


4. Go to this interactive map that displays predictions of future average temperatures from one of the 39 models mentioned in the video.  Using the map, find out the temperature predictions for an area you are familiar with (you can click on the dots or marks on the map to see a graph).  The graph will show a predicted range of times when the temperatures will exceed the average--red for the earliest time and yellow for the latest. What is the approximate time range for you location (and what is that area)?


5. Before you go through the rest of the lesson, give your best one to two sentence answer to the following quesitons:


a.  What is causing global climate change?


b.  How will global climate change affect how people exercise/


c.  What can we do about global climate change?