About Me

  Growing up

I grew up in Idaho Falls, ID.   A nice town.   I am the second oldest of 4 kids, one sister older and a sister and brother younger.   We often go skiing and do other outdoor activities, as the mountains are so close!



I did my undergraduate work at Carroll College in Helena, MT.  It is a school much like Gustavus.  It is a liberal arts institution, but with a Catholic influence and only about 1500 students.  I did a little bit of everything there, being a chemistry lab TA for everything imaginable, Student Ambassador, orientation volunteer, and taking part in school politics as Freshman Secretary, Sophomore Vice President, and President of my Junior and Senior classes.  I did summer research after my sophomore and junior years at Kansas State University and State University of New York at Stony Brook, respectively, as part of the NSF-REU program. After that, I moved out to Minneapolis to do my Masters work in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota.  Grad school was definitely an experience--the size of the school was the size of my hometown! I learned a lot, had a good time, and made some great, great friends. I graduated on September 24, 2007 (my birthday!). 


  Current Work

I am now working here at Gustavus as the Chemistry Laboratory Instructor.  You will see me teaching the General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I & II, and Inorganic Chemistry Labs.  I also run the TA meetings, set up TA schedules, and revise and update experiments. I also do a J-Term class every other year.

I am also the newly appointed Newsletter Editor for the department. The last time a department newsletter was published was many, many years ago so we are reviving the publication. The alumni response to the first issue was so massively impressive that the publication date had to be moved from December 2008 to June 2009! Expect to see one in the mail, or on the department webpage very soon!



After getting engaged in August 2007, Andy and I finally got married on 08-08-08. The festivities were in St. Cloud. The day was absolutely fabulous and one we will not soon forget!