Chemistry In Context

Spring 2005

Jeff Jeremiason

Jonathan Smith


Syllabus 2005: Chemistry in Context


This science course will address the chemistry behind a range of environmental and other societal-technical issues. Among the topics will be drinking water, the ozone layer, fuel cells, acid rain, global warming, and green chemistry. The chemical principles in the course will be developed on a need to know basis. In addition to the text readings will be taken from a range of sources and policy and ethical contexts will be explored. The course requires no previous chemistry or science background. The course will include a laboratory where principles will be put into action.

Tuesday, Thursday 10:30-12:20

Area D, L, NASP



Chemistry in Context: Applying Science to Society, 4rd edition, Conrad Stanitski, Lucy Pryde Eubanks, Catherine Middlecamp, and Norbert J. Pienta, American Chemical Society, 2003.


Tuesday, Thursday 2:30 4:20 Nobel 201


Limit 20 students (laboratory space)



  The Air We Breathe

  Protecting the Ozone Layer

  The Chemistry of Global Warming

  Energy, Chemistry, and Society

  Take a Drink: The Wonder of Safe Drinking Water

  Neutralizing the Threat of Acid Rain

  New Energy Sources for the New Century

  Manipulating Molecules and Designing Drugs


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