MCS 119: Calculus with Pre-calculus Review I (Spring 2015)

Suggestions for Studying for the Final Exam

The final will cover the material typically covered in MCS 121. A good way to study for the final is to find some practice exams on the internet (google "calculus I final), work the problems that are likely to be on our final, and check your solutions with your prof, one of the tutors, or a friend. The handouts we used over the year are another place to find problems for practicing. For last semester's handouts, look here.

You may use your calculator as long as it is a TI83/84 Plus or TI83/84 Plus Silver Edition, or has similar capabilities. You may not use a TI/89 on the exam. If you have a calculator other than a TI83/84 Plus or TI83/84 Plus Silver Edition, please talk with me.

You may prepare one page of handwritten notes (8.5 inches x 11 inches, one side of the page only) to bring with you to the exam.

You will be tested on these topics:

  • Limits
  • Calculating derivatives from the definition
  • Calculating derivatives using the formulas, from a graph, or from a table
  • Calculating derivatives using implicit differentiation
  • Solving a related rates problem
  • Solving an optimization problem
  • Doing marginal analysis
  • Estimating the definite integral using a sum
  • Finding the definite integral using area
  • Finding the definite integral using FTC
  • Finding antiderivatives analytically
  • Integrating by substitutions

    The pre-calculus material you should be comfortable with includes:

    • Polynomial and power functions
    • Exponential and logarithmic functions
    • Trig functions
    • Solving equations
    • Doing algebraic manipulations
    • Understanding tables and graphs

    Students who have taken MCS118/119 in the past suggest that the best ways to study are:

    • Study frequently, in small doses.
    • Do the homework every night.
    • Go to class, pay attention, and ask questions.
    • Read the text sections to be covered before and after class.
    • Use office hours and tutors.