MCS 119: Calculus with Pre-calculus Review I (Spring 2015)

Suggestions for Studying for Quiz 2

You may not use your calculator on this quiz.

Quiz #2 will cover trigonometry. A good way to study for this quiz is to do some of the review problems on pages 551-554 and pages 605-610.

You will be tested on your ability to:

  • Find angles on a unit circle, using both degrees and radians.
  • Given information about some of the angles and side lengths in a right triangle, find all of the angles and side lengths.
  • Find exact values of trig functions for the standard angles.
  • Given the graph of a periodic function, find the formula.
  • Given the formula of a periodic function, sketch its graph.
  • Do an applied trig problem - for example, find the height of a building or the width of a river.

You should be able to:

  • Use exponent rules to simplify expressions,
  • Simplify complex fractions,
  • Factor polynomials,
  • Do other algebraic manipulations,
  • Understand functions,
  • Use your calculator to graph functions and find values of functions.

Students who have taken MCS118/119 in the past suggest that the best ways to study are:

  • Study frequently, in small doses.
  • Do the homework every night.
  • Go to class, pay attention, and ask questions.
  • Read the text sections to be covered before and after class.
  • Use office hours and tutors.