HES 130: Taekwondo (Fall 2011)

Course Description

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Students will be introduced to Taekwondo, a Korean martial art. Particular emphasis will be placed on forms, which are preset patterns of movements designed to simulate the use of offensive and defensive techniques, and on self-defense. Participation will improve fitness.


My basic goal is that you have an authentic experience of Taekwondo, including both its mental and physical aspects. The mental side involves a respectful attitude towards other people and principles self-defense. The physical side will involve the following aspects:

  • Basic Taekwondo techniques, such as stances, strikes, blocks, and kicks.
  • One or two forms
  • Self-defense techniques, as well as some one-step sparring routines
  • General physical fitness, including stretching techniques.

Course web pages

I will maintain web pages for this course, with the home page at http://homepages.gac.edu/~karl/courses/hes130/11f/.

Requirements and grading

This is a pass/fail class (.25 ACT credit). You must meet the following criteria to pass the course:

  • Attendance: you are allowed 3 absences without penalty; any more results in failing the course. Lateness counts up to a full absence. Lateness counts as half an absence, unless you have emailed me prior to class and it is for what I consider a legitimate reason.
  • Participation: you are expected to participate in the activities in class and learn and practice the material I teach.
  • Demonstration: I will have you demonstrate the techniques you have learned in the class at the end of the semester.


If you have physical, psychiatric/emotional, medical, learning or attentional disabilities that may have an effect on your ability to complete assigned work, please speak with the Disability Services Coordinator, Laurie Bickett, in the Academic Advising Center. She will work with you to review any concerns and decide what accommodations are necessary. If you need accommodations, please let me know as soon as possible.