MCS 314: Modern Algebra II (Spring 2013)

Homework Guidelines

The following guidelines were written by Barbara Kaiser and TJ Morrison for MCS 201 and MCS 220. I will use these guidelines when grading your exam problems.


  • The solutions have visual appeal.
  • The problems are clearly labeled, with adequate room for comments in the margins, between paragraphs, and at the end of each problem.
  • Each problem, solution, and final answer is easy to read without having to refer to the text book.
  • The strategy used to solve the problem is clear.
  • The steps/figures/calculations have explanations.
  • There are no (or very few) mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.


  • The strategy used to solve the problem is appropriate.
  • The strategy is used correctly.
  • Computations are correct and logical arguments are valid.
  • The steps used are in the right order, appropriately and consistently sized.
  • The explanations for the steps are valid and well-written.


  • The solution uses terminology and notation correctly.
  • The use of language, symbols, and terminology is appropriate to the audience.
  • The solution shows that the author understands the material.
  • The solution increases the understanding of the reader.