The Senior Portfolio
Students will write one reflective essay (one-and-a-half to two pages: 450-600 words, standard margins, Times 12 font) for the literature area of the portfolio and one 1500 word reflective essay for the culture area.  The essays will have to be grammatically correct and will be used to judge the student’s competency in written Spanish. The student must make sure to proof-read and spell-check each essay.
Students may use their abroad experience as evidence of completion of the culture section of the Spanish major.  Evidence of the experience abroad with documentation should be presented in an appropriate format, i.e., Power Point, and be accompanied by thoughtful reflective commentary.  The end result should tie together the major--coursework, readings, discussions, and appropriate academic work--and the abroad experience in order to show how the study abroad experience contributed to and complimented work in the major.
As an alternative to the above, students may present  their best paper or exam from a culture class with an accompanying reflective piece that explains how the class contributed to deepening your understanding of the target culture, or how that paper/exam relates to specific courses and any relevant experiences abroad.
The above description applies to both Spanish and Spanish American cultures.  
The reflection piece should be 1,500 words minimum and must tie together the experience abroad/in a Latino-Hispanic community in the US with the experience in his/her course work in the major (or tie together the paper with course work in the major/experience abroad).
Select what your consider your best paper/exam.
a) Explain how it contributed in deepening your understanding of Literature written in Spanish through either literary analysis or the relationship between literature and culture.
b) Explain how that paper/exam relates to specific courses and any relevant experiences abroad.
This portion of the portfolio consists of two components that allow students to show their productive and receptive skills in spoken Spanish.
a] The student will turn in a videotaped presentation in Spanish (10 minutes) on a subject of academic interest without a written script. If professors see she/he is reading, the student will have to re-do the presentation in front of a jury. It could also be a videotaped presentation for a class, to the Spanish Honor Society, or similar.
b]  In addition, each student will pass a receptive skills exercise.  For this, the student will be required to present his/her notes on an audio text and present a written summary of the audio.