Digital History Projects:

Students in a number of Professor Glenn Kranking's courses work on digital projects, with the idea of researching and presenting historical work to a broader audience and in a format other than a longer research paper.



Spring 2015:

CUR 110 - Historical Perspectives II. As a component of the Three Crowns Curriculum course, students were asked to create a group public history project.


Presenting an overview of the modern Olympic Games and some of the issues surrounding each of the games.

  • British Food: Before and After Imperialism


A sampling of British foods from before and after Imperial influence. The group created a YouTube video and an accompanying website.


A humorous video loosely based on historical research about an Englishman sent to a penal colony in Australia.

Autumn 2012:

HIS 321 - 19th Century Europe

  • This upper-level history course involved working on a group project under the topic of 19th Century European Cities. The topics and parameters of the final project were decided upon by the group.

HIS 217 - History Bytes: History in the Digital Age

As a component of the January Interim Experience course taught by Dr. Glenn Kranking, students are asked to research a topic of their own choosing relating to the history of Gustavus Adolphus College and create a digital history project. The groups spend the month researching in the college archives, interviewing people, and deciding how to use technology to present their findings.

January 2014 Projects:

The Navy V-12 Program

  • The Gustavus Navy V-12 Program was a leadership program that trained and graduated 1,000 qualified men during the Second World War. The program began in 1943 and was "designed to produce officers for the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard through the training of students and recent graduates of high schools and preparatory schools, enlisted men of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and college students."

Sports Facilities

  • This site explores the history of old and new buildings that have been the home of the Golden Gusties throughout the years. The facilities researched in include the swimming pool, football stadium, gymnasium, bowling alley, hockey arena, and tennis courts.

The People Behind the Buildings

  • It seems like most students at Gustavus know the names of the different buildings on campus but most don't know anything about the actual people that the buildings are named after. This site provides biographies for many of the individuals behind the building names.

Campus Buildings App

  • Creating a prototype application for the iPhone, this project integrated an overview and history of the various buildings with a campus map. As this project was a prototype, it is not (yet?) available through iTunes.



Gustavus Traditions

  • A video exploring the history of some of traditions central to the life of students at Gustavus.
  • NOTE: This project is not yet uploaded. Please visit again soon.


January 2011 Projects:

Gustavus During World War II

  • This site explores the experiences of students during World War II, and how the international conflict was felt on the campus community

Forgotten Sports

  • A number of sports that were once offered at Gustavus have gone by the wayside. This site looks at the women's football team, bowling, men's gymnastics, and wrestling.

Nobel Conference

  • For 46 years, Gustavus has hosted the Nobel Conference. This site gives an overview of the various conferences over the past 5 decades, highlighting the progression of topics and technology.

Greek Life at Gustavus

  • Gustavus has seen fraternities and sororities come and go. This project explores the history of many of the organizations throughout this history of Gustavus.

History of Gustavus Athletics

  • This site looks at a history of various sports at Gustavus Adolphus College, including football, volleyball, men's basketball, women's soccer, and tennis. 


January 2010 Projects:

Gustavus Celebrating 150 Years

  • Website comparing the Gustavus centennial class of 1962 and the sesquicentennial class of 2012.

The History of Gustavus Buildings

  • Website giving an overview of the various buildings on campus, the architectural planning, and other aspects of the physical structure of Gustavus Adolphus College.

March 29, 1998 Tornado

  • Video exploring the March 29, 1998 tornado that devastated Gustavus Adolphus College and the town of St. Peter.