The People Behind the Buildings


    For our project we decided to create a website. At first we were unsure of what we wanted the topic the website to cover but after throwing around ideas, we came up with the plan that we would tell the stories of the people behind the names of the buildings here at Gustavus. It seems like most students at Gustavus know the names of the different buildings on campus but most don’t know anything about the actual people that the buildings are named after. When doing this project we had the opportunity to really learn about these people including all the things they had contributed to Gustavus and the different connections they had here. Also, this was the first time anyone in the group actually utilized the archive here on campus. This project was a great experience for each person in the group and gave us the chance to really learn a lot about the history of Gustavus.


Luke Ronneberg

Joe Breen

Aaron O’Neill

Jake Volness