WWW.Comm: Communities on the Web
Dr. Leila Brammer
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WWW.Comm: Communities on the Web--CS 49
TTH 2:30-4:20--FAC 323

Dr. Leila Brammer -- FAC 324 -- 933-7372
Office Hours -- MW 1:30-2:30, 4:30-5:30 and by appointment
Email --  Lbrammer@gac.edu



Available on the Daily Syllabus at http://www.gac.edu/~lbrammer/wwwclass.html.
Presently all materials are on the Internet. Reserve reading may be added at a later date

Course Philosophy:

The objective of this course is to provide the student with an experiential experience in Internet communities and the analysis of them. Scholarly articles concerning communities on the web will be read, and various groups/websites will be analyzed. Readings, lectures, and discussions will focus on the skills and concepts necessary understand, analyze, and evaluate Internet communities.

This course is experimental in nature. We will be trying many new and different approaches. Some will work; some may not, but we will learn together.



Grading System:                                       Grading Scale:

Participation 40 94%-100%   A 300-280.5
Response Papers 40 93%-90%   A- 280.4-268.5
Discussion 50 87%-89%   B+ 268.4-259.5
Group Project  50  84%-86%   B  259.4-250.5
Group Grade 20 80%-83%   B- 250.4-238.5
Final Paper 100 77%-79%   C+ 238.4-229.5
 300 74%-76%   C 229.4-220.5 
  70%-73%   C-  220.4-208.5
67%-69%   D+ 208.4-199.5 
60%-66%   D 199.4-178.5
59 and below   F 178.4-0
Participation:  Participation is a large part of this class.  Points will be assigned for activities and participation in class discussion.  Points will be deducted for missing presentation days.
Response Papers:  One-page email papers responding to readings or an issue raised in class. Assigned periodically.

Discussion: Each student will be required to post twice weekly to the course discussion group.

Group Project:  Projects will focus on Internet community issues not covered in class. See assignment page for details.

Group Grade:  Each person will be assigned a peer grade by the other members of the group.

Paper:  The paper is the culmination of a term-long project focused on your analysis of a specific community on the Internet. See assignment page for details.


Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this class.  The borrowing of ideas without credit or the borrowing of papers, speeches, websites, and so forth will result in failure of this course.
Come see me in my office for help.  If the hours are inconvenient, make an appointment.  Since I will be grading you, my input may be important to you.

If the situation warrants, this syllabus may be subject to change at my discretion.