MCS-177 Lab: Nim with Strategies


For this lab, you will work through most of section 6.5 in the text. Since this section has many exercises (a number of which are challenging), and there are only three lab days for this assignment, we give you a Scheme file which will get you started. Also, for this lab only you needn't complete a formal lab writeup. Instead, you will provide code and a section on testing.


It is crucial that you read sections 6.1-6.3 and the beginning of section 6.5 before coming to lab.

In lab


For this lab, no formal writeup is required. You should include all the code you wrote (or changed), and a specific and clear explanation of how you tested your procedures.

As always, the code should be clear with names well chosen, and you may need to comment any code which is hard to understand. You may assume the reader knows your assignment.