MCS-177 Project: Implementing Computer Graphics

Due: May 16, 2001

Computer Exercises

For this project, work through section 9.4 in the text, doing exercises 9.14-9.17 (but not 9.18). You will work individually on this project.

As always, be sure to thoroughly test your code. You should test procedures individually and also together. In other words, be sure that images generated by procedures you write for 9.14 through 9.17 can be passed as argument(s) to other procedures.

The following file contains the code from the book relevant to the lab:

You should copy it over into your directory to get started.

Once you have defined make-filled-triangle, you can uncomment the definitions of test-bb and nova-bb in the file. However, you have to put those definitions after your definition of make-filled-triangle. You can then also try evaluating expressions like

(show (pinwheel nova-bb))

Project Write-Up

Because this lab comes at the end of the semester, you should write up this lab as a collection of four problem solutions. Each solution should contain the code and a description (not merely a transcript) of the testing you did. You do not need to write a formal lab report with an introduction and conclusion.