MCS-177 Project: Movie Query System

Recommended preparation and schedule


In this project, you will finish a program that uses a natural language interface with a database of movies by working through section 7.6 of the text. There are two major parts to this project. One is to write the procedures you need to search through the database. The second is to finish the implementation of the natural language interface.

For this project, you will work in groups of two.

Remember that working in a group of two does not necessarily mean that your work load will be halved. Be sure that each partner contributes and that neither partner monopolizes the process. We encourage you to meet with your lab instructor on the second lab day to assess how the project is going and, if need be, to come up with strategies for more successfully working together.

Project Report

You should simply turn in a DrScheme printout that shows your procedures and the tests you did. Be sure to group your work into logically related sections and put a descriptive heading at the beginning of each section. Your audience for this report consists of people already familiar with this assignment.

To get some sense of how this project report will be graded, look at the grading sheet that we use.

Computer Exercises

You are required to do exercises 7.22-7.32 (except for exercise 7.28) for the project, and you may additionally do as many of exercises 7.33-7.38 as you have time and interest. You should probably do exercise 7.34 before exercise 7.35, but otherwise the optional exercises are independent of one another, so you can generally do any of them without having done the preceding ones.

Following is a breakdown of the exercises into related groups:

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