Word-Processing Computer Science Lab Reports

General Comments

You may use any word processor you wish when writing up a lab report. If you use one on your own computer, the first issue you will confront is how to get the code you write in lab into the word-processing program on your computer. Fortunately, this is generally quite easy, assuming you are connected into the campus-wide network. If you don't already know how to do this, talk with one of the lab instructors or tutors, or some other student who has already figured it out.

At the end of this document, we will explain how to use one of the word processors available on the lab machines. You can obviously skip that if you are using your own word-processor. However, there are some general issues about writing your lab reports in a word-processor.

Using OpenOffice.org Writer

OpenOffice.org/Writer can be started from the Office sub-menu of the K-menu. After startup, you will get a fairly standard, untitled word-processing window which allows you to easily control font, fontsize, bold, etc. Rather than describing how to use a word processor (which you probably already know), let me make a few comments relating to the issues raised above.
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