Homework Assignment 3

  1. Do exercise 10.2 on page 283. An unsigned integer is just a string of digits, such as 314.

  2. Do exercise 10.4(b) on page 284. The else branch is optional, but if it appears only the last branch can be an else branch, which has one or more expressions after the else.

  3. Do exercise 10.9 on page 295. Your answer should not only be correct, but should also be lucid, clear, and to the point.

  4. Do exercise 10.10 on page 297. I recommend you draw two types of diagrams, one as in Figures 10.3 and 10.4 on page 296, and one as in Figure 10.5 on page 298. If the diagrams are clear, no additional text is needed.

  5. Do exercise 10.13 on pages 301-302. You should show the AST and the evaluation process using the same two kinds of diagrams as in exercise 10.10.