Homework Assignment 5

In order to run compu-duds in DrScheme, you can use these excerpts from CompuDuds. Remember that you'll also need to load the "oops" TeachPack into DrScheme. In addition, you'll find the method object/describe useful.

  1. Do exercise 14.5 on page 498.
  2. Do exercise 14.3 on page 497. To test this in DrScheme, you can use the excerpts mentioned above, as well as object/describe and your solution to excercise 14.5. You'll also probably want to draft a solution to exercise 14.2.

  3. Do exercise 14.6 page 499.

  4. Draw a UML diagram containing the following information:
    There are two basic kinds of objects: procedures and ASTs. ASTs can be constants or applications. Each application is associated with one or more ASTs known as its children; it is their parent. Not every AST needs to have a parent, but those that do only have one. The association between a parent and its children is navigable only from parent to child. There is also a one-way association from each procedure to a parentless AST. Each AST is associated in this way with any number of procedures (including zero).

  5. Do exercise 14.40 on pages 571-572.