MCS273 Introduction to C++ Programming (January 2013)

Play Robots


Your goal in the lab is to get ready to design and write a game of your own. This game will be a graded lab which you'll work on in groups of two (possibly three), and which will involve a significant amount of preliminary object-oriented design. Before doing any of this, however, you need to play a game, which is the goal of the current, short lab. It introduces Robots which is a simple game.

Your task (1 point)

The UNIX program robots predates the ubiquitousness of graphical interfaces, so you have to play using keyboard input. In fact, keyboards often didn't have numeric keypads, sin various letters (j, k, h, and l for example) were used to move around. Following are two implementations of robots I want you to play:

  • Play Robots! is a web-based app that uses the numeric keypad.

  • robots-david is David Wolfe's solution to to the robots lab we assigned in this course several years ago. As before, you will need to download this file, go to the download directory in Terminal, be sure it is named robots-david, and then issue the command

        chmod 755 robots-david
    in order to run that program.

  • Check-off (1 point): If you think you are familiar with these programs, such as how to win, how a player loses, and how the keys (or mouse) function, ask to get checked off.