MCS273 Introduction to C++ Programming (January 2013)

"ccc_time.h" Reference

class Time

Member Function Description
Constructs the current time.
Time::Time(int h int m, int s)
Constructs the time with hours h, minutes m, seconds s
int Time::get_seconds() const
Returns the seconds value of this time.
int Time::get_minutes() const
Returns the minutes value of this time.
int Time::get_hours() const
Returns the hours value of this time.
void Time::add_seconds(int n)
Changes this time to move by n seconds.
int Time::seconds_from(Time t) const
Computes the number of seconds between this time and t.

From Appendix B on page 729 in Computing Concepts with C++ Essentials, Third Edition by Cay Horstmann.