MCS121 - Calculus I
Fall 1999

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Click  here  for current assignments.
    The due date for the second project is now Thursday, December 9.  One report per team will be collected. 
MCS121  MCS121  MCS121  MCS121  MCS121 
Class Hour MTRF 1:30pm/2:30pm MTRF 8:00am MTRF 10:30am/12:30pm MTRF 9:00am/11:30am MTRF 11:30am
Class Location Olin 321 Olin 321 Olin 321 Olin 317 Olin 321
Instructor John Holte Barbara Kaiser Karl Knight Amos Ong Charles Pastor
Office Olin 307 Olin 304 Olin 312 Olin 310 Olin 302
Office Phone 933-7465 933-7482 933-7479 933-7654 933-7464
e-mail holte kaiser karl amos cpastor
Office Hours schedule schedule schedule schedule schedule

Review problems (homework and prep problems): See assignments page.

Tutoring:  Sunday-Thursday, 6:30-9:30pm, Olin 319

Extra Credit: There will be extra credit problems assigned throughout the semester. Each will have their own due date.

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