Pamela M. Kittelson
Department of Biology
Environmental Studies Program

Gustavus Adolphus College
St. Peter, MN 56082

Office - Nobel Hall 335

tel:  507-933-7331
fax: 507-933-6285

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Summer by appointment
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In Fall 2017, I am teaching: Bio101, Principles of Biology


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Research Interests 
Processes that generate and maintain diversity within and among plant populations.

Ecological Physiology

Invasive species ecology

Restoration Ecology


Teaching Interests
General Biology (Bio100 and 101)
Evolution, Ecology and Behavior (Bio202)
Plant Physiology (Bio378)
Ecology (Bio370)
Horticulture (Bio126)

Study Abroad and experiential courses

Research Students Past and Present
Reina Nielsen ('16) M.S. John Caroll University

Mary Patterson ('14) M.A. Northwestern U

Mike Howe ('14) Ph.D. U. of WI

Laura Lynch ('09) Physician UW

Chris Pinahs ('06) Patent Law, PhD & JD at U MN
Beth Bockman ('04) Science Educator
Jim Eckberg ('04) Ecologist. UNL & UMN PhD


Stephen Handler ('04) Forest Service Scientist, U MT

Emily Helliwell ('04) Plant Biologist,, PhD Penn State
Phil Graeve ('03) Forest Service Scientist, CO State
Monica Paulson ('03) Professor PhD, Indiana U.
Nicole Barondeau ('02) Lab Technician - St. Paul
Amber Krahmer ('02) Vet U of MN

Personal Interests:
I am a field ecologist interested in mechanisms that shape diversity, specifically genetic diversity of native grassland species.  I grew up in Colorado and lived 10 years in California; like many westerners, I relish opportunities to be outdoors, especially in natural areas. I enjoy hiking, canoeing, going fast downhill on skis or a bike, and camping. I putter around in gardens, museums or while watching birds. Travel near and wide is treasured. I relax with good books or music and the company of friends.