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Well... My name is Bob and Hubcat is one of my many nicknames.

Hubcat is also the name of my Fantasy Football Team.

I made this Site to share my love of the outdoors and all my other


This site is under construction and will be added to when I can.


My Fishing Buddy Brian with his biggest catfish. A whopping 60#, caught June 16th, 2000 on the Minnesota River 

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Catfish caught this year

5-28-00 18.12# Flathead, 10#Flathead, 9.8# Flathead 5.8# Flathead, 4# Flathead

6-2-00 30# Flathead, 20.14# Flathead, 18.14# Flathead 18.12# Flathead, 9.12# Flathead

6-16-00 60# Flathead

7-15-00 12# Flathead


Picture of me with my biggest Flathead Catfish. I caught it during a fishing contest on the Minnesota river in 1999. It was 49.12#  good enough for 2nd place


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July 17, 2000

By Bob Schlueter