MCS-170 The Nature of Computer Science

Fall 2006

Lecture 13

1. Data Representation

  • An approximation to the original signal can then be created from the stored data.
Here is a diagram illustrating the process of digital to analog conversion
  • Analog Storage
    • Advantage: Continuous Sampling: Records a continuous stream of information about the signal, we get the most information possible about the signal
    • Disadvantage: Reproduction Errors: If we want to reproduce or duplicate signal repeatedly, then we lose precision (a tape of a tape of a tape is very poor in quality)
  • Digital Storage
    • Advantage: Lossless Reproduction: No matter how often we reproduce data of signal, it is always the same
    • Disadvantage: Sampling Errors: If we sample at too low a rate, we will lose important signal information

2. Binary Numbers

3. Storing Integers

3. Floating Point Numbers

4. Strings

Data Representation Page

5. Images

6. Sounds