MCS-170 Project 4: Alice World with Higher-Order Programming

Project Task

We have created simple Alice worlds using basic methods to move characters around a virtual world with interactions at a basic level. In this project, we will be expanding our scenarios from project 1 (or creating new ones). We will be using new programming concepts such as "looping", "expressions", "conditional statements", and "methods". These concepts are basic in the world of programming languages and are used in almost every traditional computing language. By the end of this project you should understand the basic function of each of these concepts and be able to use them in your scenario.

In lab

  1. Start up Alice and select a template world that matches your storyboard.

  2. Add all of the objects from your storyboard to your Alice world, in the correct positions that match the initial state of your storyboard. Remember: Your scenario must contain:

    A.  At leat 4 different characters.

    B.  At least five different objects in the scenery for your story.

    C.  At least 8 scenes

D.  At least three uses of methods

E.  At least two uses of expressions (with +-*/)

F.  At least one Loop

G.  At least two If/Else Statements

H. At least two Do in Order and two Do Together statements

I. At least two World methods, and at Least 8 Class methods that you created
  1. Add the actions (methods) that each character carries out as the story progresses from one scene to another scene.  For example, the storyboard illustrated in class includes an expanded version of the penguin scenario organized as follows: 

(new code)

If penguin is within 2 meters of shark
Do the following steps in order
penguin rises into the air to the height of the palm tree
penguin moves to the top of the palm tree
Do nothing
shark swims to palm tree
Loop 4 times
Do the following steps in order
shark moves toward the palm tree
shark turns 180 degrees
shark moves away from the palm tree
shark turns 180 degrees
  1. Continue implementing the steps outlined on your storyboard as you program. Your storyboard should be detailed enough to coincide line by line with commands in Alice. You may want to run the program ("Play" the scene) after completing each line of code (or every few lines of code) to see if what you have coded is the same as what you wanted your character(s) to do.
  2. Once you have finished coding your scenario, run it one last time and check to see that everything looks and works correctly. If you do not notice anything out of place, exit the viewer and save your program in your home MCS170 directory.

Project Report

You report should include a brief introduction which describes the purpose of the project, a main section which should describe briefly the scenario you are programming and include the original storyboard (just the written script this time) for the project, and finally a concluding sentence or two. Additionally, you should email your Alice world to as an attachment.
NEW: I now have an even better way to submit your project that I mentioned in class. Just Please submit any project reports by paper.

Make sure that you consider the College's Honor Policy and write the following in full and sign it on your report:

On my honor, I pledge that I have not given, received, nor tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid in completing this work.

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