MCS-236: Relation-Based Structures / Graph Theory (Fall 2002)

Helpful information
Instructor: David Wolfe (click here for office hour information)
Directions for printing .ps files

Course information and syllabus
Current schedule
Proof portfolio assignment
Research paper assignment
Proof checklist
Top-down induction (pdf)
Four equivalent definitions of a tree (pdf)
Planar graphs (pdf)
Crib sheet for final (pdf)

I've given solutions to 4#1, 5#1, 5#2, 5#3. Your portfolio should not include more than one problem from set 3, since I discussed solutions in class (though you weren't allowed to take notes that day.)
Set 1 (pdf) and extra copes of the graph (pdf) for where is Minnesota?
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Solutions to some problems on set 5 in postscript or pdf format.
Set 6
Set 7 and flow graph in postscript or PDF
Extra credit problem(s)
Solution to 6#4 (pdf)

Exam 1 (Tuesday, October 8) My unedited list of list of topics.
Exam 2 My unedited list of list of topics. Note that topics from the first exam are still fair game, especially those topics we covered just before the first exam and (of course) induction.
Exam 3
Final (Tuesday, December 17, 8am)

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