MCS-270 Lab 4: Development for JSP and mysql


In this lab, you will extend your work from the previous lab into a JSP architecture. In particular, you'll provide an interface which has two text fields in which the user enters the actor's first and last names, a radio button with which the user selects a store, and a submit button. When the user clicks submit, the two text fields are cleared, the radio button is left unchanged, and a table appears showing a list of titles of movies on the selected store's shelves which contain the selected actor.

In addition to allowing you to query your database, this will also provide you the ability to easily see more information about the movies, courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.

You should write the application from scratch, testing as you go. You should never be writing more than 10 or 20 lines of code before testing the code. Be sure you have a strategy for testing any code you write before you write it. If you need help with this, please ask.

You may wish to refer to the gened application which I went over in class. It's found in ~wolfe/public/270/jspapps/gened/.

How to work with the various directories

What you'll submit

You'll submit a directory which should contain the following files:


Feel free to add additional bells and whistles. For example, your list of movies could be links which search the The Internet Movie Database by title.


You'll be graded on what works, i.e., what I can test. If your application is not complete, you'd best be sure some portion of it does something which is measurable progress toward a completed application. For code which does something constructive, you will also be assessed on programming clarity and style. For instance, did you make appropriate choices about what fits in the jsp file, and what methods belong in auxilary classes?

Submitting your code

To submit your code, do the following:

  • In a shell, go to the parent directory of the directory containing your Lab4 directory. Warning: You will probably have problems if this directory name has spaces in it, since Linux doesn't look kindly on so-named files/directories.

  • Assuming that the directory containing your solution is named Lab4, now type:
      ~wolfe/public/270/submit Lab4

  • Carefully review what the submit program prints out to confirm it seems to have submitted properly.