Tomcat (MCS-270, Spring 2004)


Each of your home directory's quotas has been increased to accomodate a copy of tomcat.

Installing and launching Tomcat

Where to put files

Restarting tomcat

When you create a new web application, you may need to restart tomcat for it to see the new application. Do so by
    ~/tomcat/bin/ ; ~/tomcat/bin/
It'll take about 30 seconds to a minute to restart.

Ending tomcat

Please end your tomcat process before you leave in order to make the machine available for the next user. The correct way is to type
or you can choose the brutal but expedient,
    killall java
This will kill all java processes you have launched, including tomcat.

Installing class files

During development, it's convenient to keep all files in one directory. But, as mentioned before, for deployment, class files need to be in a separate directory.