MCS-287: Organization and Theory of Programming Languages, Spring 2001

I acquired these course materials from Max Hailperin, and then introduced errors. He deserves all credit; I deserve all blame.
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Lab 1
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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Chapter 13

Beta reductions
Path sum w/ success and failure continuations
Demonstration of programming in lambda calculus, including Y
Another REPL, using a continuation
Reverse and reverse!
Tracing interpeter from March 17
Interpeter with procedures
Interpeter with assignment

Tests from Max's class
Test 1 (PostScript)
Test 2 (PostScript)
Final exam (PostScript)

Supplemental readings
Two stories about environments
Notes for Section 6.1
Notes for Section 6.2
Notes for Section 6.5

Other links
define-record and variant-case for DrScheme
Configuring DrScheme's indentation of define-record and variant-case
FTP site for the textbook
Documentation for the Scheme programming language
DrScheme home page