MCS-385: Artifical Intelligence, Spring 2001

Helpful information

Instructor: David Wolfe (click here for office hour information)
Course syllabus
Notes on Lisp (ps or pdf)
Notes on Emacs (ps or pdf)
Emacs reference guide (ps or pdf) and emacs overview (ps or pdf)
Daily reading form (ps or pdf)
Presentation schedule with links to powerpoint slides
Genetics notes on Nail Patella
Trip wire detection
Egg shell crack detection


Set 1 (ps or pdf)
Set 2 (ps or pdf)
Set 3 (ps or pdf)
Set 4 (ps or pdf)

Useful links

Gustavus library resources for AI (prepared by Michelle Twait).


Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
Overview of the AIMA code and a local copy which is fast, but has some broken links.

AI links

AI on the web (AIMA link)
CMU's AI repository
UC Irvine's machine learning repository with datasets.
New Scientist magazine

Lisp links

Common Lisp, the Language, 2nd Edition, by Guy Steele (full text)!
ANSI Common Lisp by Paul Graham
Lisp FAQ
Allegro Common Lisp manual (Over 700 pages of pdf format. DO NOT PRINT!)


JavaBayes homepage.
Otter manual in PostScript. Please don't print; I'll leave a copy in the lab marked MCS-385.