Library references for research paper

Before Monday, November 13, you should locate at least three citations for your research paper (in addition to those you found for your oral presentation) which are published sources.

Your goal is to flesh out your paper in two ways: (1) to explore issues about your chosen currency which weren't well developed in your presentation, and (2) to locate information on the culture which uses the currency. If you already have an idea for a thesis, you can seek out specific evidence supporting that thesis.

For most of your topics, it's appropriate to find them using Lexis-Nexis and other resources suggested by Michelle Twait. Since I'd like you to take advantage of the staff at the library to help your investigations, you are to go to the library reference desk and ask the librarian. While there, you should ask the librarian whether there are other places you could look to help you in your investigations.

You'll be able to obtain some references at the library, but some you may need to obtain through Inter-Library Loan (ILL). Before Monday, you should fill out the appropriate forms for any ILL requests.