Life Experience

Write a paper discussing a life experience you've had that is relevant to the course. If your own life experiences would not lead you to write an engaging paper, feel free to fabricate. For this introductory essay, I will focus my attention primarily on your grammar and spelling, but the flow and interest of the essay will also be considered for an A grade. The essay should be typed and should be about 250-350 words. I recommend you use a word-processor with a spell-checker. (No, I won't count the words.)
To the student who has been taught to write a 5-paragraph essay: Forget what you've learned! Please see me if you have questions.

For this particular paper, worth 5% of your final course grade, I will use the following grading guidelines:

Please remember to write the following in full and sign:

On my honor, I pledge that I have not given, received, or tolerated others' use of unauthorized aid in completing this work.